Yaesu FT-920 For Sale

Yaesu FT-920

The Yaesu FT-920 has both HF and 6 meters, along with general coverage receiver, so you pretty much have it all covered with this rig. One of the better ham radio transceivers made in my opinion and it isn't one of those miniaturized models either. It's nice having a full sized amateur radio with ample of room to turn all the knobs and push the various amounts of buttons. As you can see, it has two VFO knobs, this is because it has the dual watch feature as well, which allows you two monitor two bands at once. It also has some advanced DSP features and it's rated as one of Yaesu's top performance models in terms of both signal to noise ratio and dynamic range specs. It's easy to fall in love with this transceiver.  

Changing bands and modes means an amateur radio should be versatile. The Yaesu FT-920 rig has is an auto AGC which you can program for various modes of operation. The noise reduction has two attributes that it used to improve the signal. It has both response time attack and a feedback coefficient DSP system. Using these can clean up a noisy signal in the mud. It also has an auto DSP notch filter too! One of my favorite QRM fighters however is the big knob at the right which is a dual mode high and low cut knob, which can digitally filter out noise in the top or bottom section of the pass band, which is one of the best features to eliminate QRM during contests and crowded bands.