Kenwood TS-870S Ham Radio For Sale

Kenwood TS-870S


The Kenwood TS-870S is in like new condition, however a few hairline scratches on the top cover. Operationally, it works perfect, except of the volume knob is some extra play to it and a little scratchy noise is emitted as you adjust it from time to time. Not sure if it needs replaced or not, or perhaps just a good cleaning and tightening are in order. I am not a tech, so don't want to mess with replacing or performing any maintenance on it. Other than that, the receive works great and I'm constantly complimented on its transmit audio. When tuning around, the main VFO knob feels very smooth and solid and all the display lights work just like new. I really hate letting this one go, but we are moving and unable to have antennas at my new location. My loss is your gain.  

If you want to see more photos of the Kenwood TS-870S listed here, contact me by e-mail and I would be happy to send more if requested. Although there are some scratches and the volume control isn't in the best in shape, I fell this would be a great amateur transceiver for the right ham that appreciates this model. They say there is none better in the audio dept for this rig. Although it is about 15 years old now, I can't see any ham radios out there in the market today that have anything new that the Kenwood TS-870S doesn't have. Just a great all around transceiver! Let me know if you want more info or photos.